Three full time counselors handle the work involved in the guidance department.

JCHS Guidance Fax Number 618-498-2653

Counselors include:

Ms. Davis
Students with last names beginning with A - G
Phone (618) 498-5521 

          Mrs. Geers    
Students with last names beginning with H - P. 

Phone (618) 498-5521 

            Mrs. Ross     
Students with last names beginning with Q - Z.
Phone (618) 498-5521
LakinMs. Woelfel
Cooperative Special Education Supervisor 
Phone (618) 498-5521

A student may arrange for a conference during study hall, before school, after school, or noon hour by making an appointment with the counselor.

One conference with each student during each semester will be arranged to discuss such topics as educational and vocational plans.

The work of the department can be divided into several areas:

Educational Guidance

Vocational Guidance

Personal Counseling

Administrative Duties

Educational Guidance helps students plan their subjects while in high school and to develop their future educational goals such as choice of college, business school, technical school, school of nursing, beautician's school, etc.   Scholarship information and testing programs are also included in this phase.

Vocational Guidance includes aiding students to make choices concerning careers by helping them gather information and analyze alternatives regarding areas of work in which they show interest and aptitude.

Personal Counseling is done with those students who voluntarily come for this purpose.  This is not an attempt to take over the duties or prerogatives of the parent or other adult close to the student.  It is the offering of an attitude of acceptance and understanding to a student who wishes to discuss his/her problems.

The work of the department not only involves those students still in school, but also past graduates and students who have left school for any reason.

The administrative functions of the department include special activities which have a close bearing on the other work of the department such as registration and scheduling procedures, orientation of Freshmen, and college admissions processing.

Various college catalogs and occupational information are available from the guidance department. The guidance department also has information available concerning training and opportunities in nearly all fields of work for the students who are going into the vocational field after high school graduation.  Parental interviews are welcome.   If, at any time, there are questions concerning a student's educational or vocational plans, please call the counselor at school and make an appointment, as this will save time.

Students are encouraged to visit the Guidance Office.   However, a pass from the counselor is necessary in order to leave class for an appointment in the Guidance Office.