Clubs and Activities



Baseball – boys (spring)

Varsity – Darren Perdun, JV – Bob Siemer

Basketball – boys (winter)

Varsity – Stote Reeder, JV – Jon Adkins

Basketball – girls (winter)

Varsity – Kevin Strebel, JV – Bob Siemer

Bowling – boys and girls (winter)

Chris Skinner


Chelsey Crnokrak

Color Guard / Flag Team
Rifle / Drill Team


Cross Country (fall)

Harold Landon

Football (fall)

Varsity – Jon Adkins, Asst. Varsity – Trent Morgan

Freshman – Allen Snyder, 8th Grade – Billy Yates

Golf (fall)

Bryan Brown

Pom Pon Squad

Brenda McCreary

Soccer – boys (fall)

Varsity – Scott Burney, JV – Scott Woelfel

Soccer – girls (spring)

Varsity – Brad Kimble, JV – Rachel Maupin

Softball – girls (spring)

Varsity – Julie Muenstermann, JV – Chelsey Crnokrak

Tennis – boys (spring)

Tennis – girls (fall)

Stote Reeder

Track – boys (spring)

Harold Landon, Curt Schroeder

Track – girls (spring)

Megan Taake, Courtney Schroeder

Volleyball – girls (fall)

Varsity – Bob Siemer, JV – Angie Beiermann

Wrestling (winter)

Varsity – Allen Snyder, JV – Darren Perdun

Extra-Curricular Groups


National Honor Society

Zoe Chin

Student Council

Zoe Chin

Scholar Bowl


Speech & Debate

Brad Kimble


Beth Morgan


Jeff Goetten, Tiffany Phillips

Senior Olympiad

Jen Kapetanovich

Academic Club / Tutoring

Diana Fuchs

Blue Crew

Erica Smith

Class Council


Senior – Class of 2016

Genevieve Mossman, Bob Siemer

Junior – Class of 2017

Keri Lakin, Myra Woelfel

Sophomore – Class of 2018

Tiffany Cazier, Chelsey Bohannon

Freshman – Class of 2019

Jim Bosomworth

8th Grade – Class of 2020

 Gwen Brunaugh

Fine Arts


Theatre: Fall Play, Spring Musical, Improv Actors, International Thespian Society

Brett Beauchamp

Instrumental Music: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, Shades of Blue

Erin Bittles

Vocal Music: Show Choir

LuAnne Taul

Variety Show (fall)

LuAnne Taul, Erin Bittles



DAR Good Citizen Award

Lisa Schuenke

Jersey State Bank Student of the Month

Lisa Schuenke

FOCUS (Finding One Clearly Unique Student) Students

Lisa Schuenke

IL Math League Contest

Jen Kapetanovich

Jerseyville Banking Center Students of the Month

Lisa Schuenke

Junior Rotarians

Lisa Schuenke

Principal's Leadership Award

Lisa Schuenke

WYSE (World Wide Youth of Sci & Engineering)

Jen Kapetanovich

Other Groups & Clubs


Alternative Fiction Club

Jim Bosomworth

Art Club

Julie Alexander

Audio Visual/Communications

Jim Schroeder

ITICAT (Alcohol and Drug Community Prevention)

Wayne Schell

Key Club (Kiwanis Sponsored Community Service)

Gwen Brunaugh, Zoe Chin

Spanish Club

Anglea Wood, Dawn Dwyer

TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use)

Laurie Frey

Talent Search


GEMS - Girls Empowered and Motivated to Succeed

Laura Ross, Carole Cotner

International Club

Dawn Dwyer

Model UN

Ben Gracey

PC Wet (Piasa Creek Watershed EducationTeam)

Rick Sims

Panther Pals

Neely Kinkel, Dawn Dwyer