Graduation Requirements
  1. CLASS OF 2015 and later:
  2.  A minimum of twenty-four (24) credits is required for graduation:   (each class earns .5 credits with grade D or above)

    3 credits in Math (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior)

    2 credits in Science (Freshman, Sophomore)

    4 credits in English (Freshman, Sophomore, Jr, Sr)

    2 credits in Physical Education (beginning with class of 2016)

    ½ credit in Health (Sophomore)

    1 credit in U.S. History (Junior)

    ½ credit in Government (Senior)

    ½ credit in Economics or Law (Senior)

    1 credit chosen from Music, Art, Foreign Language or Vocational Education

  3. Band, Chorus and PE Courses are calculated in the GPA (effective 2004 - 2005) and receive one-half credit per semester.

  4. Show Choir, Jazz Band, and Jazz Choir are non-credit performing groups.

  5. Classroom Driver Education is normally taught during the Sophomore year. However, older students may take the course their Freshman  year.  All students are required to take the textbook phase of driver's education. Illinois state law requires students to pass a total of eight classes during the two semesters previous to Driver Education.

  6. All career and technical education courses that meet two hours receive two (2) credits per year.  A student must be enrolled in three additional courses, total of 5 credits per year, plus P.E.

  7. A student whose class has not graduated is required to be enrolled as a full-time student with a normal load.  A normal load is 6 subjects (including P.E.).

  8. A student must be enrolled at Jersey Community High School the semester immediately preceding graduation. A senior student who lacks no more than one credit from graduating with his class may  attend summer school or take a correspondence course the summer following his senior year.  A student taking courses outside J.C.H.S. must have the approval of the principal.

  9. Diplomas will be issued at the time of graduation to those who have met the academic requirements.  Diplomas will be issued at the close of summer school to those pupils who complete their work during the summer session.

  10. A student may transfer a total of  one credit from a community college or correspondence school to fulfill graduation requirements.

  11. Students are expected to take a normal load and encouraged to spend four years in meeting the requirements from Jersey Community  High  School.  Early graduation is not encouraged or recommended. However, if early graduation is desired the following requirements are mandatory.
  1. Meet all Jersey Community High School requirements.
  2. Submit to the Principal a written request from the parents by June 1 prior to the date of expected completion of course work.  A personal interview is also required.
  3. State reasons for early graduation. Each request is considered on its own merit.
  4. Attend school at least seven (7) semesters.
  5. Pass Government in summer school before the Senior year.
  6. Credit from correspondence, trade school, community college, etc. cannot be used for early graduation.
  7. Students must inform their counselor by November 15th if they desire to take part in graduation exercises at the end of the regular school year.

Students who are permitted to graduate early may receive written certification of their graduation at the time of completed required course work. 



Community Unit School District No. 100 insures that equal educational opportunities are offered to students, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion or handicap.  Questions in reference to educational opportunities may be directed to James Whiteside Unit # 100 Administration Office, 100 Lincoln Street, Jerseyville, Illinois, Telephone 498-5561.

A Student Grievance procedure, information about this procedure, and copies of the procedure, are available from the offices of  Superintendent of District No 100 and the Assistant Principal of Jersey Community High School.